Case Study: How Carestream Dental is Enabling Mobile Dentistry with Sensei Cloud

Healthcare organizations have long been at the forefront of technological innovations, using them to maximize productivity and efficiency while improving patient outcomes. The dental industry in particular is currently undergoing a massive digital transformation as more practices adopt cloud computing solutions. According to Research And Markets, the global market size of cloud-based dental practice management software is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2030 — a compound annual growth rate of 11.18%.

As more practices migrate to the cloud, some of them are taking this “mobility” to the next level.

“Mobile and portable, it’s just more powerful because I’m finding that it’s releasing us all from the confines of the traditional dental practice model” - Dr. Andrew Johnson (Omnismile)

For Dr. Andrew Johnson, prosthodontist and founder of Omnismile Digital Dental Solutions, cloud technology has allowed his practice to be on the go - moving on wheels and building out the business before laying the first brick. With the help of Carestream Dental’s robust suite of compact equipment and cloud-based solutions, Dr. Johnson has established a successful mobile practice with plans to put his roots down in a physical location once he finds the perfect spot.

The Challenges of Mobile Dentistry

Today, Dr. Johnson’s practice operates at multiple different locations in and around northwest Arkansas. He simply packs his gear into his SUV, travels to a designated location and deploys everything he needs in about 20 minutes. A few decades ago, this would have been a logistical nightmare with all of the bulky equipment — not to mention the physical records doctors would have to keep on hand.

Without cloud-based solutions, “it would be next to impossible to manage a mobile dental practice,” Dr. Johnson said.

From consolidating and tying systems and devices together, to duplicating resources and setting up network firewalls at different locations, to the storage constraints of even five years ago — mobile dentistry simply could not have existed without the advent of cloud computing solutions. Fortunately, Carestream Dental has created a robust suite of dental equipment and software solutions that empower dentists like Dr. Johnson to streamline operations in the office or on the road.

Carestream Dental: Revolutionizing Digital Dentistry

For mobile dental practices, portability and convenience are key. Carestream Dental offers a powerful array of state-of-the-art equipment with highly compact and portable tools, like the CS 2400P hand-held X-ray generator and the RVG 6200 intraoral sensor. This has allowed Dr. Johnson to take his practice on the road, loading everything he needs in the trunk of his SUV each morning. And thanks to convenient and intuitive software solutions like Carestream Imaging Software, Dr. Johnson is also able to database his traditional 2D radiographs along with 3D images like CBCT and intraoral scans acquired on different devices at different locations to be utilized during off-site treatment planning efforts.

Outside of hardware, Sensei Cloud, Carestream Dental’s comprehensive practice management system, has become an essential pillar in Dr. Johnson’s mobile practice. Unlimited, secure and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based storage allows him to access records from anywhere and at any time.

All he needs is a reasonable internet connection and he can dig into the bones of his practice to:

  • Manage schedules and workflows.
  • Access patient records and dental images.
  • Plan, schedule and prepare for procedures.
  • Set up automated reminders for both patients and doctors.
  • Enhance the patient experience from booking to final prosthesis.

“Having a cloud-based management software tying it all together, I think is most fundamental in this new age of practice.” - Dr. Andrew Johnson (Omnismile)

Working with Carestream Dental

Located in Northwest Arkansas, Omnismile Digital Dental Solutions specializes in solving complex dental problems for patients and fellow dentists all around the digitally-connected world. While now spending equal amounts of time on education, technology development, and clinical treatment, Dr. Johnson focuses on teaching, learning, and practicing a new style of prosthetic the dentistry by merging the best traditional methods with cutting-edge computer technology like Sensei Cloud and all the digital equipment he combines with it to do more for his patients each and every day.

Want to learn more about how Sensei Cloud enables modern mobile dentistry? Request a demo today and see how you can boost productivity from anywhere.