Oral Surgery Practice Management Solutions

Oral surgery practice management software enables oral surgeons to streamline operations, boost overall efficiency and improve the patient experience.

Carestream Dental provides oral surgery practices and other dental organizations with state-of-the-art software solutions to streamline workflows, enhance patient care and expand their business.

Oral Surgery
Practice Management

The primary goal for any oral surgeon is to provide their patients with the highest-quality oral healthcare possible. But, at the same time, managing a practice requires more than just treatment planning and procedures.

Whether you're in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics or oral surgery, oral healthcare professionals have a lot of administrative responsibilities. From appointment scheduling and patient record-keeping to medical billing and beyond, practice workflows can quickly become an unmanageable mess.

Oral surgeons need a comprehensive solution with features that can handle the entire practice management process and optimize business operations without diminishing the patient experience.

Oral healthcare software is designed to streamline these back-office workflows, giving oral healthcare professionals more time to focus on critical tasks, improve patient communication and expand their practice as a functioning business.

Oral Surgery Practice Management Software

What does oral surgery software provide?

Oral surgery management software provides oral surgeons with the tools they need to boost practice productivity and efficiency while improving oral surgery care. This includes a variety of features unique to each practice specialty as well as more general solutions like:

Consolidated records for patient and financial information

A centralized database for patient and financial data allows for easy access while maintaining HIPAA compliance including real-time updates in the patient record enable front- and back-office staff to work simultaneously.

Practice management workflow tools

Optimize administrative processes and prioritize critical operations on a single practice management platform. Not only does this boost productivity and efficiency, but it can also increase your revenue and expand your practice.

Business development dashboards

Live dashboards provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of your practice. With business and performance metrics, you can track and act on vital data to maintain cash flow and grow your practice.

The benefits of oral surgery practice management software

The dental industry is undergoing a rapid transformation and practices are increasingly digitizing their workflows and facilities. This is especially true for specialty practices like oral surgery that require state-of-the-art equipment to keep up with modern dental care.

Many practices are still using legacy software that is long past its prime. Whether you're an oral surgeon or a general dentist, your office deserves a practice management solution that can streamline your workflow and reduce inefficiencies so that you can focus on what matters. With oral surgery practice management software, you can:

Maximize scheduling and patient flow

With features like patient scheduling and appointment reminders, you can increase schedule availability while minimizing the impact of no-shows and cancellations. This means you're able to treat more patients and thus maintain a continuous cash flow.

Streamline billing and account management

Billing workflow tools make it easy to manage patient accounts and monitor cash flow. And streamlined checkout systems can automatically add patient details to the queue once appointments are complete.

Deliver quality dental care to improve outcomes

By reducing oral surgeons' workloads, dental software frees up time for doctors to focus on treatment planning and procedures. Integrated dental imaging features also improve patient communication with instant access to detailed charts and pictures.

Optimize business functionality to expand your oral surgery practice

Business dashboards enhance practice visibility, identifying areas of inefficiency and prioritizing critical tasks. Revenue cycle management also ensures you maintain healthy business finances to grow your oral surgery practice.

Streamline oral surgery practice management with Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental offers a comprehensive suite of practice management software solutions for every dental professional. With over 35 years of industry experience and leading innovations, we know what it takes to run an oral surgery practice. Our powerful tools and expert software advice can help you optimize the business side of your practice, enabling you to spend more time on high-value work.

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Sensei Cloud for oral surgery

Sensei Cloud is the most comprehensive oral surgery management software in the industry. We enlisted the help of countless oral surgery professionals in the development of this solution.

On top of managing your entire practice workflow on an intuitive, user-friendly platform, Sensei Cloud also provides you with advanced business intelligence and multitasking capabilities. And there's no need to expand your IT infrastructure.

The cloud-based nature means Sensei Cloud scales with your business. You also have access to patient and financial information wherever you are and at any time, promoting a better work-life balance and proactive treatment planning.

Sensei Cloud capabilities enable seamless access to important documents and data wherever you are and at any time. We also release continual updates based on feedback from our customers. That way, users like you can have a say in future designs.

Sensei Cloud Oral Surgery Practice Management Software
WinOMS Oral Surgery Practice Management Software

As a practice management platform specifically designed for the oral surgery practice, WinOMS helps you optimize oral surgeon workflows with unique features like detailed anesthesia records and simplified consent forms.

For over 30 years, WinOMS practice management software has evolved to meet the productivity and functionality requirements of modern oral surgery. Seamless integrations with our Patient Solutions, digital imaging software and other products mean your entire system can work as one, increasing both your clinical and business capabilities.

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