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The intuitive dental practice management software that practically thinks for you. Discover truly automated software with PracticeWorks.


Detailed planning with Schedule View helps your practice stay organized and efficient! Anytime. Anywhere.

Patient solutions

Do more with your PracticeWorks software by adding one, or all, of our compatible Patient Solutions.

Upgrade to sensei cloud

Want even more? Move to Sensei Cloud, a secure, comprehensive digital solution enabling the best in dental healthcare and business management to grow a more successful practice.

Elevate To The Cloud

Upgrade your on-premise PracticeWorks to either PracticeWorks Hosted or Sensei Cloud and benefit from features that put everyone in your office in sync so your practice can maximize efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Moving to The Cloud

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Be The First!

Get all the new updates in our easy-to-use full feature dental workflow solution with fast conversions from on-premise to cloud and anywhere, anytime access.

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Scale Your Practice

Carestream Dental hosted solutions provide the optimal solution if you want to scale your practice. In addition, centralized data enables you to manage users across multiple offices. 

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Payment Solutions

Our hosted solution provides multiple payment solutions to capture revenue and keep your practice organized.

HIPAA Compliance

Carestream Dental hosted solutions exceed HIPAA and security measures.

Reduce your IT Footprint

Increase your security while reducing your IT footprint and hardware costs by switching to PracticeWorks Cloud.

Data Protection

Carestream Dental cloud solutions provide you with peace of mind when uncontrollable events occur. Protect your data from environmental hazards, theft, damage to hardware or anything that could cause your data loss.

See Your Schedule Now,
In The Cloud

Sensei Schedule View is a simple yet powerful application which allows you to view your schedule data, from outside of your office.

Access your practice schedule (24/7) and address your urgent patient and practice needs when you need it, wherever you are.

Integrated Patient Solutions with PracticeWorks

Enhance your practice management software by combining PracticeWorks with efficiency-boosting Patient Solutions.

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ROBUST, YET EASY-TO-USE, what to expect with Practiceworks

For more than 25 years, PracticeWorks has helped dental practices like yours be more successful. We continue to refine and improve this intuitive software so that you and your staff have more time to focus on patients and their clinical outcomes. With our latest software updates, PracticeWorks truly is your practice’s partner.

PracticeWorks Benefits

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Optimized daily practice management

PracticeWorks software offers automated, intuitive features that help your staff onboard quickly and efficiently. It automatically outlines your daily plan so your entire team is aware of the goals for the day and can plan accordingly.

Comprehensive clinical management tools

PracticeWorks software provides you with fast and easy access to the patient diagnostic information you need in order to make informed treatment decisions.

Integrated by design

PracticeWorks software provides direct integration with leading partners, helping to simplify resource-intensive tasks. When using an approved partner, you can rest assured that the software has been tested and is compliant with the third party, helping to ensure a smooth experience for your practice.


We’ve been using PracticeWorks for about 12 years. Technical support has been awesome...As a dentist I’ve loved it because it made my staff happy and it’s made my patients happy as well.

Dr. Michael Crowton

We love Sense Cloud and if there is functionality I need or think would benefit myself
and other users, I love that I can send in my feedback to the development team and updates are made weekly to the software.

Dr. Daniel Camacho