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Optimizing Dental Practice Management With Integrated Digital Solutions

Whether you’re in general or pediatric dentistry, orthodontics or oral surgery, your practice likely has to deal with complicated administrative workflows that can heavily restrict clinician productivity and practice efficiency. Not only does this limit the time doctors spend creating treatment plans and engaging with patients, it also inhibits practice growth.

From appointment scheduling and patient billing to record-keeping and business management, dental professionals have a lot to keep track of. Efficient dental practice workflows require seamless dental software integrations that work as one easy-to-use system.

Practice management dental software combines all of these solutions in one, providing dentists with the back-office support they need to focus on patient engagement and expand their practice. A centralized platform allows for easy, secure access to medical charts and records, improving clinical efficiency and patient communication.

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As a cloud-based practice management solution developed by dental professionals and industry experts, Sensei Cloud combines all of the features and functionality your practice needs into a single, intuitive platform.
Streamline practice management with Sensei Cloud from Carestream Dental

Sensei, the practice and patient management brand of Carestream Dental, has been leading the dental industry for more than 40 years with cutting-edge technologies and software solutions. Sensei Cloud is the culmination of this experience and expertise, providing dental, specialist and orthodontic practices with the features and functionality they need to optimize practice management, improve patient care and expand their businesses.

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What is Sensei Cloud?

Sensei Cloud is the most comprehensive practice management dental software solution in the industry, uniquely designed by dental professionals to support modern practice needs. Simplify your entire workflow from beginning to end on a centralized, easy-to-use platform, and experience the perfect balance between business functionality and clinical brilliance while you grow your practice.

Watch the video to see the many features Sensei Cloud offers.