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Payment Solutions

Processing payments in your office doesn't have to be a chore with our integrated and non-integrated solutions.


Payment Solutions can help your practice adopt the latest payment processing technology, and automate billing and collection efforts.

37% of Americans said they could not pay for an unexpected medical bill that exceeded just $100 without going into debt.

The healthcare industry makes up 34% of all data breaches, including compromised credentials, phishing, and ransomware.

Less than 2% of patient accounts go in to collections if customers are satisfied with payments; according to 60% of practice staff members.

post payments automatically into patient ledger

Imagine having your patients’ payments post automatically to their account. With Carestream Dental's Payment Solutions, it’s as simple as a swipe or tap during checkout and the payment immediately posts to the patient’s ledger. Payment info can be stored securely for future transactions—so it’s a breeze for any user to process payments or set up recurring payment plans. Options like chip, debit, credit cards, Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®, allow patients to use their preferred payment method. All major credit cards accepted. 

Compatible with your existing Sensei solutions: SoftDent, OrthoTrac, WinOMS, and Sensei Cloud.

*ePayments offered for PracticeWorks with Payment Manager coming soon!

Stop printing and mailing statements
Automated Statements

With our Automated Statement delivery service, it’s never been so easy to send out all your statements. Simply and securely share the data and we’ll do the rest—transmitting the information over to our clearinghouse and producing high-quality printed statements that are then mailed directly to patients.

Compatible with:
• OrthoTrac
• PracticeWorks
• Sensei Cloud
• SoftDent
• WinOMS

orthotrac dental software

Payment Solutions for Sensei Cloud

Adopt the latest payment processing technology and billing efforts with enhanced automations and features - right from Sensei Cloud. It's as simple as a swipe or tap during checkout and your patient has completed their payment. We even provide the ability to store payment information for later transactions.

Experience the highest level of payment integration with your practice management software.


We love the new system! It is so easy to use, much more reliable, and very quick!

Hopkins Dental

Payment processing is much faster, and we love it!

Dr. Mitch Collins
Ann (Office Manager)

Payment Manager works much better than the old system. It’s a BIG improvement and we
have had no issues at all!

Drs Roger and Rogers
Sarah Benner (Office Manager)

The thing I like most about ePayments is automatic batching and settlement. With seven offices, we can close and leave on time.

Jane B.
Aspire Surgical