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The ideal practice partner. Intuitive software to ensure you're driving practice proficiency.

see your schedule virtually

Detailed planning with Schedule View helps your practice stay organized and efficient! Anytime. Anywhere.

Patient solutions

Do more with your SoftDent software by adding one, or all, of our compatible Patient Solutions.

Upgrade to Sensei Cloud

Want even more? Move to Sensei Cloud, a secure, comprehensive digital solution enabling the best in dental healthcare and business management to grow a more successful practice.

elevate to the cloud

Upgrade your on-premise SoftDent to either SoftDent Hosted or Sensei Cloud and benefit from features that put everyone in your office in sync so your practice can maximize efficiency and productivity.


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Be the first!

Get all the new updates in our easy-to-use full feature dental workflow solution with fast conversions from on-premise to cloud and anywhere, anytime access.

OrthoTrac orthodontic software

Scale Your practice

Carestream Dental hosted solutions provide the optimal solution if you want to scale your practice. In addition, centralized data enables you to manage users across multiple offices. 

orthodontic software for practice management

Payment solutions

Our hosted solution provides multiple payment solutions to keep your practice organized and capture revenue.

HIPAA Compliance

Carestream Dental hosted solutions exceed HIPAA and security measures.

Reduce your IT footprint

Increase your security while reducing your IT footprint and hardware costs by switching to SoftDent Cloud.

Data protection

Carestream Dental cloud solutions provide you with peace of mind when uncontrollable events occur. Protect your data from environmental hazards, theft, damage to hardware or anything that could cause your data loss.

Anytime, Anywhere, anyplace...
See your schedule now, in the Cloud

Sensei Schedule View is a simple yet powerful application which allows you to view your schedule data, from outside of your office.

Access your practice schedule (24/7) and address your urgent patient and practice needs when you need it, wherever you are.

Integrated Patient Solutions with SoftDent

Enhance your practice management software by combining SoftDent with efficiency-boosting Patient Solutions.

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dental patient software


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SoftDent practice management software has helped dental practices like yours become more efficient, productive and successful for more than three decades. Carestream Dental continuously tests and refines our intuitive software to ensure that you’re working with tools that truly facilitate practice proficiency. SoftDent puts all of your financial, clinical and patient information in one easily accessible location. You spend less time focusing on finding information and more time delivering quality care.

Optimized daily workflow

SoftDent provides a variety of tools, from patient demographics, to clinical charting and records as well as patient and insurance billing. The combination of these tools allow you to manage the flow of patients through your practice.

carestream softdent

Comprehensive clinical management tools

SoftDent offers access to comprehensive clinical data to deliver quality patient care.

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Integrated by design

SoftDent’s fully integrated electronic services and reporting increase your practice accuracy, efficiency and productivity.


The support for SoftDent is great! I trust the team, and i find them to be very diligent in helping me troubleshoot any issues that may arise. I would 100% recommend SoftDent to a colleague; I love the program and couldn't live without it.

Dr. Emilia Zapata