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Sensei Enterprise

Manage Your Organization, Care for Your Patients 
Group practices and DSOs have unique needs: The pace is faster, patient volume is higher and the staff is larger. Sensei Enterprise is designed especially for your Dental Service Organization (DSO) or emerging group practice, with features specifically built to solve issues for the modern dental enterprise.

Empower your dental business to work more efficiently and productively without impacting your patients or your bottom line. Whether yours is an organization of five offices or 500, Sensei Enterprise is the innovative, all-in-one cloud-based dental practice management platform designed to balance clinical excellence with business performance.  

With Sensei Enterprise, you gain complete control over your entire organization—all from a centralized platform. Standardize records and operations across specialties and locations to eliminate many of the challenges associated with multi-practice businesses. Take advantage of practice data analytics to track and trace your organization’s profitability.  

As a single source of truth for deep business insights, Sensei Enterprise helps you proactively identify problem areas for resolution and opportunities for future growth. 

Robust Security with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Traditional dental practice management software comes with security limitations that lead to confusion, obstacles and even exposure when dealing with multiple employees and locations. Single Sign-On allows your enterprise authentication system to centralize and control user access management across all practice locations. Implement multi-factor authentication to further improve security standards and add or remove users and practices as you scale.

Easy and Efficient Data Access 

As dental enterprises grow, so does their need to access data and monitor the health of their business.  

 Sensei Enterprise makes it easy to extract practice data from across the entire enterprise, with filters by region, to use in your repository. By combining comprehensive clinical, operational, financial and other external data sets, you can use Sensei Enterprise to conduct your own analytics and benchmarking.  

Real-Time Data, KPIs and Analytics 

Dental organizations need real-time access to critical data with visualization tools to present complex analytics, KPIs and insights in an easy-to-understand way. 

With Sensei Enterprise’s advanced reporting, you get self-service data visualization and analysis tools to help you gain greater insight into your business. A convenient dashboard offers direct access to actionable reports by practice, region or enterprise, allowing you to make informed decisions and quickly act or pivot as needed.  

 Centralized Business Platform 

Multi-specialty and multi-location enterprises often use a patchwork of disparate software platforms to fill gaps in clinical or business functionality left by other tools. 

Sensei Enterprise delivers an all-in-one, centralized solution for dental practice management. You get complete control over and access to your business data from a single platform. Using embedded business intelligence and analytics tools, you can identify challenges and forecast future growth 

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 Move Your Dental Enterprise into the Cloud with Sensei Enterprise 

For more than 40 years, Carestream Dental has been leading innovations within the dental industry with cutting-edge technologies and software solutions. Now the practice management software brand, Sensei, is here to stay with Sensei Cloud: the culmination of this experience and expertise, providing dental and orthodontic practices with the features and functionality they need to optimize practice management, improve patient care and expand their businesses.

What is Sensei Enterprise?

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