Insights Manager

A Sensei Product
Advanced Data Analytics for Superior Practice Management

Transform Your Dental Practice with Insights Manager

Welcome to Insights Manager, the cutting-edge data analytics solution designed to revolutionize dental practice management. Developed by Carestream Dental and seamlessly integrated with your Sensei dental practice management solutions, Insights Manager provides an in-depth analysis of your business, empowering data-driven decisions at both the enterprise and individual clinic levels.

Key features
Real-time Analytics

Gain immediate insights into your practice’s performance with real-time data. Track key performance indicators such as revenue and productivity metrics effortlessly.

Key Features
Customizable Dashboards

Tailor data visualization to your unique needs with customizable dashboards, making it easy to monitor and manage all aspects of your dental practice.

Key Features
Seamless Integration

Insights Manager works hand-in-hand with Sensei solutions, supporting a mixed-estate DSO environment with compatibility across 29 different dental practice management software products.

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Additional Features and Benefits:

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Enhanced Decision-Making:

Consolidate data across all your practices for a comprehensive view of operations, enabling informed strategic decisions and effective patient engagement strategies.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline workflows, reduce redundancies, and optimize resource allocation to achieve significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

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Personalized Patient Care

Utilize data to personalize patient care, resulting in higher satisfaction rates and increased loyalty.

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Market Adaptability

Adapt quickly to market trends, regulatory changes, and patient expectations with the agility provided by Insights Manager.

Why choose Insights Manager?

Comprehensive Data

In-depth analysis at both the enterprise and individual clinic levels.

Proven Impact

Supported by positive feedback and a 3.5x average rating from our clients.


Stay competitive and innovative in a rapidly evolving industry.

Ready to revolutionize your dental practice? Contact us today to learn more about how Insights Manager can help you achieve operational excellence and superior patient care.