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Sensei Imaging

When you see more, you can do more. Sensei Imaging is the connection between your 2D and 3D patient images and the rest of your clinical data in the cloud, so you can streamline your workflow and provide a better experience for your patients.

Sensei Oral Surgery

Imagine a completely integrated, turn-key cloud solution that addresses the unique needs and pain points for oral surgery practices, such as multiple locations and specialties, accelerating growth and the administrative and clinical aspects of your practice, all the while ensuring optimal patient care.

Sensei enterprise

Group practices and DSOs have unique needs: The pace is faster, patient volume is higher and the staff is larger. Sensei Enterprise is designed especially for your Dental Service Organization (DSO) or emerging group practice, with features specifically built to solve issues for the modern dental enterprise.

Do more with cloud based software

As one platform with many uses, Sensei Cloud helps dental professionals tackle patient care and practice management no matter the specialty. This means practices that offer dental, periodontal, pedodontic and orthodontic treatments can seamlessly integrate the software across departments.

Track general dental and orthodontic patient charts to facilitate better communication among colleagues. Or utilize the ortho-focused features like aligner tracking and orthodontic treatment planning for your practice’s specialty.

For the digitally forward dentist, Sensei Imaging pushes your images to the cloud, so you can retrieve, review and diagnose from within Sensei Cloud, without having to change your imaging hardware.

What is Sensei Cloud?

Sensei Cloud is the most comprehensive practice management solution in the industry, uniquely designed by dental professionals to support modern practice needs. Simplify your entire workflow from beginning to end on a centralized, easy-to-use platform, and experience the perfect balance between business functionality and clinical brilliance while you grow your practice.

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Integrated Solutions with Sensei Cloud

Enhance your practice management software by combining Sensei Cloud with efficiency-boosting business and clinical solutions.

Sensei Cloud is compatible with modern Voice-to-Text dictation software to create Clinical Notes, Correspondence and other patient note documentation.

Patient Solutions

Patient Engagement starts with Patient Manager, one of the many integrated patient solutions compatible with Sensei Cloud. From traffic alerts, two-way texting and an automated virtual waiting room to online scheduling and a website chatbot, Patient Manager is the all-in-one patient engagement solution that helps your practice better engage with existing patients and convert prospective patients into booked appointments.

Life just got easier on Sensei Cloud.

business brillance

All of these features already boost productivity and efficiency while improving patient care, but the brilliance of Sensei Cloud is in its business capabilities. Most health care professionals don’t have an MBA, but with Sensei Cloud, running the business side of your practice is a breeze.

• Real-time dashboards provide live metrics on performance and finances, enabling you to track and act on key insights.

• Only relevant information is shown, eliminating the need to decipher what’s important and what’s irrelevant.

• Revenue cycle management makes it easy to balance the books by streamlining billing, insurance claims and revenue tracking.

• Seamless scheduling across multiple locations and specialties promotes practice growth and improves patient engagement.

Life just got smarter on Sensei Cloud.

It’s more than just the cloud; it’s Sensei Cloud

With cloud-based technology, Sensei Cloud lets you schedule appointments and access important information on the go, from anywhere and at any time, while remaining HIPAA compliant. This data is continuously backed-up and secured with disaster recovery tools to ensure accessibility. We also work with the leading experts and state-of-the-art tools in cybersecurity to prevent and deter potential incidents.

Life just got more secure on Sensei Cloud.

On top of secure, reliable access to information, Sensei Cloud also releases regular updates based on user feedback, meaning you can have a say in future design decisions. With no additional IT infrastructure required and a cloud-based platform that doesn't compromise your system performance, Sensei Cloud is highly scalable with your practice.

Life just got more convenient on Sensei Cloud.

The software as a service (SaaS) subscription model also means you avoid high, up-front costs or additional charges for updates and service.

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Sensei Cloud has software options that I have never seen before, like dashboards and treatment planning follow-up on the main page. It makes it so easy for me to plan my day.

-Brittany C.
Office Manager, Beverly Hills Dental Lab

Sensei Cloud is amazing because it does help me run the practice on the admin side, and the clinical side. I can see a lot of the projection goals we have. And it just brings the admin and clinical side together. It definitely helps us manage the practice better overall.

-Eva Angelina

Practice management solutions are the backbone of our medical practices and we need to make sure that the data is very secure. I decided to look at the cloud based solutions and now that I placed our entire practice in the cloud, utilizing Carestream Dental’s Cloud services, it makes me realize that’s where we should be for the future.

-Dr. Scotty Bolding

We love Sensei Cloud and if there is functionality I need or think would benefit myself and other users, I love that I can send in my feedback to the development team and updates are made weekly to the software.

-Dr. Daniel Camacho

Having all that information compiled into the cloud gives me the power to reach back into that dental record and then build a virtual version of the patient that I can then plan treatment for from home.

-Dr. Andrew Johnson

We have multiple offices [with data] on multiple servers and we’ve brought everything under one umbrella, and it’s been pretty seamless.

-Cindy H.

With the way the technology is going and the way digital security is going, Sensei Cloud is a great option because it takes a lot of the in-office responsibility out of your hands.

-Dr. Sameer Hate

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