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Patient Engagement

Take advantage of integrated tools to automate patient communications and optimize your overall workflow.

Improve communication and patient satisfaction

Our integrated Patient Solutions are designed to enhance the way you communicate with patients and increase engagement. From text reminders to online prescriptions, we offer a full suite of tools to help ensure your practice delivers the best possible service to each and every patient.

why patient engagement matters

The average practice schedule is less than 85% full according to the ADA.  Patient Manager recalls past due patients and brings back on average 3 existing patients for their scheduled treatment.

More than half of responding patients indicated that they would choose a practitioner that allowed them to fill out forms ahead of time. 

According to ADA, Patient Cancellations are the number one reason practices are not able to keep their schedules full. Patient Manager confirms 76% of all appointments to reduce the effects of this common challenge.

Engage with your patients before they walk through the door.
Patient Manager

From traffic alerts, two-way texting and an automated virtual waiting room to online scheduling and a website chatbot, Patient Manager is the all-in-one patient engagement solution that helps your practice better engage with existing patients and convert prospective patients into booked appointments.

Compatible with:
• OrthoTrac
• PracticeWorks
• Sensei Cloud
• SoftDent
• WinOMS

With Patient Manager we are proud to offer you:

A fully integrated and robust solution to keep your schedule full.

A single vendor, one invoice with a solution that meets your ever-changing needs with one point of contact.

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Go Paperless with Patient Forms!
Patient Forms

Carestream Dental’s Patient Forms facilitate a faster, contactless appointment check-in process by allowing patients to complete forms online before their visit. Practices can review, approve and import the data to the patient record, thanks to seamless integration.

Compatible with:
• OrthoTrac
• PracticeWorks
• Sensei Cloud
• SoftDent


Patient Manager is driving new business and new growth, but the other pieces like the text feature and reminders are making the office more efficient.

Dr. Daniel Camacho

With the scans being online, x-rays being online, etc. everybody in the office has the accessibility… sending things to insurance companies or downloading files. We all are able to access the information from our Cloud Database.

Omnismile Employee