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Perfecting Your Work-Life Balance With Process Improvements
In the demanding, fast-paced world of dentistry, it’s far too easy for stress to build up and for you (and your employees) to burn out. Even before the pandemic caused a spike in work-related stress, over half of all clinicians...
[Article] Avoiding Minefields in the Dental Practice Part 2: Common Pitfalls and How to Stay Compliant
When it comes to liability, HR is the one item that catches many offices by surprise. But, like any other industry, dentistry can be a legal minefield if you let the department slip. In part two of this blog series,...
[Article] Avoiding Minefields in the Dental Practice Part 1: HR Trends and Employment Law Updates
Whether you’re running a single practice or a multi-location DSO, being an employer in the dental industry comes with unique risks and challenges. As dental professionals move from handling complex clinical treatments one moment to scheduling staff and bookkeeping the...
[Article] Driving Patient Engagement: How to Connect with Patients at Every Stage

Modern dental practices use a variety of digital tools and software solutions to streamline both administrative and clinical workflows while improving patient engagement. Learn how digital dentistry does exactly that. 

Case Study: How Dr. Joseph Digitized His Family’s Dental Practice

Paper-based systems can be incredibly time-consuming and tedious for office staff to sort through and manage, contributing to long waits for patients, among other problems. When Orthodontist Dr. Spencer Joseph noticed these issues in his family’s practice, he knew they needed to modernize.

Top Five Benefits of Using Automated Workflows
Learn how Sensei Cloud's automation tools can streamline administrative workflows to improve efficiency and productivity in your practice.
Why Are Patients Demanding Digital Payment Solutions?

To simplify the experience for patients, dental practices are moving toward digital solutions to process payments. Learn how Sensei Cloud can help your practice keep up with the latest trends by transitioning to digital payment solutions. 

How Women in Dentistry Are Reshaping the Industry
With International Women’s Day right around the corner, the influence women have had in the field of dentistry has been at the forefront of our minds. To honor their contributions and achievements in this space, we thought it would be...
Top 5 DSO Industry Trends and Challenges to Watch
Due to a wide variety of factors, the dental industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. From pandemic impacts on staffing and patients to technological advancements and increasing economic uncertainty, dental service organizations (DSOs) have a lot on their plate this year.
eBook: Manage Your Practice Like a Pro With These Sensei Cloud Additions
The dental industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation as more practices migrate to the cloud. While the adoption of cloud computing in healthcare has been steadily rising for over a decade, it’s recently taken off.
Case Study: How Carestream Dental Can Help Prevent Your Practice From the True Cost of a Data Breach
As advancements in technology help healthcare professionals improve treatment outcomes and maximize productivity, this rapid digital transformation has also opened organizations up to new cyber-attack vulnerabilities.
Revamping Your Dental Practice for the New Year
With so much change and disruption happening in the dental industry over the last couple of years, practitioners have had to face numerous challenges—from the pandemic and its hurdles to keeping up with technological advancements. As the new year approaches, it’s a great time for dental professionals to take a step back and assess the current state of their practice.
Four Minor Payment Changes that Make a BIG Difference for Your Patients
While automating payment tasks sounds like it would be a headache, it’s actually never been easier. But before we dive into the four small changes you can make to improve the payment process, it’s important to discuss how patient preferences and perceptions are changing.
Case Study: How Carestream Dental is Enabling Mobile Dentistry with Sensei Cloud
Healthcare organizations have long been at the forefront of technological innovations, using them to maximize productivity and efficiency while improving patient outcomes. The dental industry in particular is currently undergoing a massive digital transformation as more practices adopt cloud computing solutions.
Optimize practice management and patient care with cloud orthodontic software
Cloud-based orthodontic practice management software Cloud-based orthodontic software has revolutionized the orthodontics industry by streamlining practice management workflows from beginning to end. Practice pain points Traditional orthodontic practice workflows often include tedious, time-consuming tasks like appointment scheduling, patient record-keeping, billing...
Oral Surgery Practice Management Software
Oral Surgery: Practice Management The primary goal for any oral surgeon is to provide their patients with the highest-quality dental care possible. But, at the same time, managing a practice requires more than just treatment planning and procedures. Oral surgeons...
Download our FREE ebook: 10 Ways Sensei Cloud Brings Your Dental Practice Into the Future
How does Sensei Cloud technology provide dental practices with a competitive advantage? Let’s take a closer look at the 10 key ways Sensei Cloud can benefit you, your practice and your patients. Click here to download the ebook. 
Why Are Practices Switching to Cloud Image Storage?
If you’ve been talking about digitizing your practice, chances are you’ve come across the topic of cloud computing and cloud storage. The concept of cloud-based communications has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives, and it’s no surprise that this...
Dental Office Software: Practical Management Solutions For General Dentistry
General Dentistry: Practice Management No matter the size or specialty of a dental office, inefficient and messy practice management workflows hinder growth and productivity, limiting a dentist's ability to provide adequate patient care. Smaller dental clinics often require the dentist...
The Importance of Monitoring Your Dental Practice Data
Data collection and analysis is becoming the new gold rush. The more data an organization can mine, the better it can understand its customers, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As the dental industry dives headlong into this...
Case Study: How Carestream Dental’s Patient Manager Assisted Forever Smiles in Reputation Management
Download our case study with Dr. Camacho on "How Carestream Dental’s Patient Manager Assisted Forever Smiles in Reputation Management". With significant success in only a short time of using Carestream Dental solutions, Dr. Camacho and his staff members are pleased...