5 Reasons Your Practice Needs Family Billing

Have you ever noticed a dip in cash flow that happens for seemingly no reason? It might be due to your current payment process. When billing is too complicated, it often leads to frustration, late payments and potentially losing patients—along with any dependents in their family.

That’s why every dental practice needs a family billing solution. This type of software allows staff to combine multiple patient bills into a single family account to streamline the process, optimize your practice cash flow and improve the patient experience.

Still unconvinced? Here are the top five reasons your practice should implement a family billing solution:

Top 5 Reasons You Need Family Billing


1. Save Time for Your Staff

A family billing solution can free up your staff’s time, allowing them to focus on higher-priority tasks. By consolidating multiple bills in one, the software reduces the number of invoices your staff would otherwise need to generate and process. Without the manual work involved, you can also eliminate human error to improve billing accuracy.


2. Improve Convenience for Your Patients

When patients only need to keep track of and pay for a single bill for their entire family, it doesn’t just save them time—it also adds much-needed convenience to the patient experience. If there’s no need to manage multiple bills for different family members, customers can enjoy a simplified billing experience. That way, you can continue impressing them even after a successful treatment plan.


3. Automate the Insurance Filing Process

Some family billing solutions offer insurance filing integrations to eliminate the tedious, error-prone claims process. With streamlined insurance verification and service reimbursements, your practice can maintain a healthy cash flow, and your patients will appreciate the reduced financial stress. Fewer invoices and faster insurance filing also mean an expedited payment process for your practice.


4. Stay Compliant With Billing Codes

Billing codes are an essential part of health care claims, identifying the patient’s diagnosis, treatment and any equipment supplied to them. A family billing solution should help you stay compliant and avoid costly billing errors by updating the latest codes in the system. With this go-to source for accurate billing codes, you can further streamline the payment process and its associated workflows.


5. Optimize Your Practice Cash Flow

Beyond the added efficiency and productivity benefits, family billing solutions can help your practice optimize cash flow through advanced revenue cycle management features and key performance indicators (KPIs). Keep a pulse on the financial health of your practice with built-in dashboards. You can also track patient revenue from their first appointment to their final balance.


Introducing Family Billing From Sensei Cloud

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