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Sensei Oral Surgery

All-in-one practice management solution
Imagine a completely integrated, turn-key cloud solution that addresses the unique needs and pain points for oral surgery practices, such as multiple locations and specialties, accelerating growth and the administrative and clinical aspects of your practice, all the while ensuring optimal patient care.

With Sensei Oral Surgery, you can confidently and easily move to a completely integrated cloud solution and eliminate many of the complexities typically associated with IT updates and ongoing maintenance. You can also combine the clinical and the administrative branches of your practice’s business with Sensei Oral Surgery’s all-in-one solution to promote growth and profitability through practice efficiencies and improvements.

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Business Efficiency

Combine the clinical and administrative all in one solution to ensure optimal patient care and to get a complete picture of business profitability and growth.

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True-Cloud 2D and 3D Imaging

Enjoy secure and HIPAA-certified cloud-based storage and retrieval for medically diagnostic images with Sensei Imaging.

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Manage multiple locations and specialties, eliminating the need for complicated workarounds.


Simple to adopt and maintain, this turn-key solution is ideal for all practice sizes looking for future growth.


Sensei Oral Surgery is now offered on the Sensei Cloud platform. Crafted specifically for oral surgeons to address needs like juggling multiple locations and specialties; managing administrative and clinical aspects of your practice; and accelerating growth, all while ensuring optimal patient care.


Sensei Oral Surgery's Implant Tracking feature sets a new standard in comprehensive patient management by helping you seamlessly documenting implant data within patient records, providing a comprehensive clinical overview.

Effortlessly generate implant tracking reports that incorporate past records, streamlining future re-orders for procedures. Elevate clinical records by capturing vital implant details directly onto patient accounts, enhancing inventory management and patient identification.

Integrated with Sensei EMR, this cloud-based solution guarantees unparalleled care and efficient practice management across specialties.