Rx Manager

A Sensei Product
The New Cloud-Based Prescription Solution

Manage prescriptions efficiently and securely

Rx Manager, Sensei’s new cloud-based solution for electronic prescriptions provides a seamless and secure integration into your practice's daily operations.  

Why Choose Rx Manager Over Other Prescription Solutions?
Rx Manager provides a next generation solution; it's an evolution of current electronic prescription processes, offering advanced new features that set it apart from the standard solutions, and is available today.

Cloud-Based Convenience

With Rx Manager, you're no longer tethered to your office. Prescribe from anywhere, at any time, using any device with internet access. This flexibility ensures that you can provide timely care to your patients, regardless of your location.

Features & Benefits
Comprehensive Prescription History

Gain invaluable insights with a lookback feature that spans up to 10 years, displaying all current and past prescriptions. This extensive history aids in better patient care management and ensures informed decision-making.

Features & Benefits
Advanced Interaction Alerts

Navigate the complex landscape of medication management with ease, thanks to Rx Manager's advanced alert system.

You'll receive immediate notifications for:

Drug-drug Interactions Alerts:

Helping prevent adverse effects from incompatible medications.

3D Imaging Software

Drug-disease Interaction Alerts

Ensuring prescriptions are safe for patients with specific health conditions.

Drug-dosing Guidance

Guiding you to prescribe the correct dosage based on the latest guidelines.

Duplicate Therapy Alerts

Preventing the issuance of redundant medications.

Pharmacogenomic Potential Alerts

Informing patients, untested for genetic factors that may affect drug metabolism and efficacy.

Medication Price Transparency

With Rx Manager, you and your patients gain access to medication price transparency.

Empowering Practices with Rx Manager

By integrating Rx Manager into your practice, you're not just adopting a new tool; you're embracing a future where prescribing medication is safer, smarter, and more streamlined. The cloud-based nature of Rx Manager ensures you're always connected, while its comprehensive features support you in delivering excellence in dental care to every patient.

Ready for secure and easy prescription management?

Rx Manager is compatible with all Carestream Dental Practice Management Solutions:
 •Sensei Cloud WinOMS SoftDent OrthoTrac PracticeWorks