Optimize practice management and patient care with cloud orthodontic software

Cloud-based orthodontic practice management software

Cloud-based orthodontic software has revolutionized the orthodontics industry by streamlining practice management workflows from beginning to end.

Practice pain points

Traditional orthodontic practice workflows often include tedious, time-consuming tasks like appointment scheduling, patient record-keeping, billing and account management. When performed manually, this process is highly inefficient, leading to overworked staff, reduced patient flow and even revenue loss. Some common practice management pain points include:

  • Manual patient scheduling and appointment reminders are inconvenient and take up valuable time.
  • Physical and digital patient charts, accounts and other information are dispersed and difficult to access in a timely manner.
  • Multiple software solutions are often unmanageable, incompatible or are on-premise only.
  • Some solutions don't offer multitasking or parallel workflow capabilities, further slowing down practice operations.

Practical solutions

With cloud-based orthodontic practice management software, orthodontists have a single, easy-to-use platform that they can use anywhere at any time. By optimizing back-office operations for peak efficiency, your orthodontic practice can drastically reduce time spent on clerical work and focus on providing top-notch clinical care to improve the patient experience while growing the business. Cloud-based orthodontic practice management software offers practices:

  • A centralized system for storing and accessing patient files instantaneously, enabling parallel workflows.
  • Advanced back-office optimization features to streamline administrative work and maximize patient scheduling availability.
  • A single, secure and scalable platform that's accessible from anywhere and at any time without compromising system performance or the need for additional infrastructure.

Single platform, multiple uses - Sensei Cloud

Sensei Cloud is the orthodontic practice management solution built by you. Streamline your entire practice workflow with a single, intuitive tool that accommodates the needs of any office. Whether you're a general dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon, Sensei Cloud has the specific features you need to expand your orthodontic practice and enhance the patient experience.

Patients, clinicians and business executives alike will all see the benefits of using Sensei Cloud.

For clinicians and patients

  • The user-focused design makes multitasking easy without losing your place.
  • Instant access to oral health files, from back-office to chairside, enables simultaneous workflows while improving patient communication.
  • Seamless, streamlined billing and scheduling across multiple locations boosts the patient experience while maximizing throughput.

For business management

  • Real-time dashboards provide comprehensive visibility and actionable reports to track business performance metrics.
  • Efficient practice management workflows improve orthodontist productivity, increasing patient flow and growing your business.
  • The cloud-based system can scale with your practice without having to expand IT infrastructure or compromise system performance.

Orthodontic practice management made easy

Carestream Dental provides oral health clinicians with state-of-the-art tools and solutions to optimize practice management workflows and improve patient care. With over 35 years of experience leading dental innovations, we know what it takes to meet the needs of a modern practice, and our software solutions and dedicated support teams demonstrate this expertise in countless offices every day.

Sensei Cloud is the culmination of this industry experience, providing orthodontists with a stand-alone solution for all of their practice management needs. With consolidated financial and clinical files in a single cloud-based system, you have easy access to critical information where and whenever you need it. And the intuitive, scalable design fuels practice growth and productivity, empowering orthodontists and staff to expand their operations and treat more patients. Plus, continual updates based on feedback from real users and orthodontists mean that you can play a role in future designs.

To learn more about Sensei Cloud and how Carestream Dental can boost your orthodontic practice efficiency, contact us today.