Advanced Patient Forms for Patient Manager

A Sensei Product

Transform Your Practice with Advanced Patient Forms

Streamline your workflow, enhance patient engagement, and improve efficiency with customizable and secure forms designed for your practice's unique needs.

In today's fast-paced dental industry, providing exceptional patient engagement while maintaining efficient workflows is crucial. Advanced Patient Forms for Patient Manager, a Sensei Product, is here to revolutionize your patient intake process. Our fully customizable, secure, and efficient solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice, helping you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Key Features and Benefits:

Customizable Form Builder

Unlike generic solutions, our forms are fully customizable to meet your practice's specific needs. With Advanced Forms, you can easily create, edit, and send personalized patient forms using pre-crafted questions and templates.

Secure Uploads & Signatures

Collect digital signatures and important attachments like IDs, insurance cards, and X-rays securely. Ensure compliance and protect sensitive patient information to reduce administrative burdens.

Embedded Web Forms

Allow your patients to access and submit forms directly on your website and provide a convenient and engaging experience for patients, improving satisfaction levels and increasing your overall form completions.

Direct Patient Communication

Send forms directly to patients with unique ID access codes, allowing them to start and stop progress at their convenience. This not only helps enhance patient engagement, but also ensures patients forms are submitted promptly.

Digital Referral Forms

Utilize forms as digital referral tools for your partner offices to streamline the referral process, enhance collaboration, simplify communication and improve efficiency between practices.

Historical Dashboard Records

Maintain comprehensive historical records for compliance and reference. With Advanced Forms, users can organize and track patient forms efficiently to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Why choose Advanced Patient Forms?

Seamless Integration

Because our forms integrate effortlessly with your existing systems, using them completely eliminates the need for cumbersome manual processes.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Our direct communication features and embedded web forms make it easy for patients to complete forms at their convenience, boosting engagement and satisfaction.

Real-time Visibility

Track patient progress in real-time, enabling you to address issues immediately and improve workflow efficiency—maintaining up-to-date information every step of the way.

Secure and Compliant

With robust security measures, including digital signatures and document uploads, we ensure your practice stays compliant with regulatory standards.

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