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Streamline practice management processes like patient scheduling with Carestream Dental’s all-in-one dental office software solution.

Innovative dental practice software solutions designed by and for dental professionals.

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Complex workflows hinder growth and productivity, limiting a dentist's ability to provide adequate patient care. Smaller dental clinics often require the dentist to handle administrative work on top of treatment, adding to their stress and time constraints. Even larger corporate practices have trouble managing these back-office operations.

General dentists have long had to deal with manual practice management processes or disparate dental software systems with limited features and integration capabilities. Not only does this result in more time wasted on repetitive, low-value tasks, but it also inhibits effective patient engagement.

As a dental practitioner, you need a practice management system that can streamline your entire workflow, from beginning to end, while providing actionable insights to expand your dental office. By improving dentist productivity and operational efficiency, dental clinics can save time and spend it on what matters: Focusing on the patient experience and practice expansion.

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What is dental office software?

Dental office practice management software provides dental professionals with the tools and support they need to manage all practice operations efficiently and effectively. While some solutions like scheduling software focus on specific aspects of practice management, the best dental software offers comprehensive features to handle appointment scheduling, patient record-keeping and imaging, billing and much more. This type of dental practice management software has revolutionized the industry, making it easier to expand your practice without sacrificing the patient experience.

The benefits of dental practice management software

As more dental clinics digitize their workflows, many practitioners are beginning to question if they should implement dental practice management software in their offices. Whether they want to improve patient communication with instant messaging and easy access to oral health charts; or a seamless, centralized system to handle dental and financial records, dental practice management software has numerous benefits for any practice, including:

Simplify patient scheduling

Easy patient scheduling focused on clinical and customer convenience and automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and cancellations.

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boost productivity

Real-time performance metrics with task management capabilities to concentrate on critical operations that boost dentist and staff member productivity.

Stay organized & compliant

Centralized information system for easy, HIPAA-compliant access to patient records.

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optimize your workflows

Practice management optimization to streamline dental office workflows like patient billing and treatment planning.

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Expand your practice with dental office software

Dental practice management software doesn't just benefit patients and dental professionals; it also provides key business functions that expand and scale with your practice. For example, the highly efficient workflows mean dentists can increase patient flow and, thus, revenue. But dental software can deliver so much more. With the right practice management system, you get:

• Secure data storage for medical and financial information, as well as HIPAA compliant patient record-keeping.

• Complete enterprise-wide visibility and actionable reporting on finances and performance enable strategic practice growth.

• Revenue cycle management to streamline billing, insurance claims and account management.

• An easy-to-use platform that scales with your business needs without requiring additional costly hardware and IT infrastructure.

Practice management solutions from Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental offers a robust suite of practice management tools to help dental clinics optimize their workflows and boost business growth. Starting from implementation, our team of experts and dental professionals provide unparalleled support and software advice to ensure we meet the needs of your practice. Here are just a few of our powerful software solutions.

Sensei Cloud

This all-encompassing, cloud-based solution is uniquely designed to support the needs of modern dentistry. That's because dental professionals helped us develop it. From general dentistry and orthodontics to oral surgery and beyond, Sensei Cloud is the most comprehensive practice management solution in the industry. Whatever your specialty is, you'll find a feature specifically suited to your workflow.

Sensei Cloud capabilities enable seamless, secure access to important documents and data wherever you are and at any time. We also release continual updates based on feedback from our customers. That way, users like you can have a say in future designs.

Sensei Cloud Oral Surgery Practice Management Software

Simplified, easy-to-use parallel workflows for seamless sharing and collaboration.

For over 25 years, PracticeWorks has helped dental clinics optimize their workflows and grow their practice. This dental practice management software centralizes patient information and daily tasks on an easy-to-use platform, enabling you to strategize staff member tasks and critical operations. Track medical history updates, find schedule openings for emergency visits and prioritize high-value appointments for increased revenue, all with an intuitive software solution that practically thinks for you.

PracticeWorks also allows for parallel workflows. That way, assistants can enter new patient data into their records while another staff member views the same chart for back-office operations like billing or scheduling an appointment for treatment. This creates a seamless experience that boosts patient engagement.


An intuitive dental practice management system that drives practice proficiency.

SoftDent provides a variety of tools, from patient demographics to clinical charting and patient record-keeping, as well as billing and insurance claims features. With access to comprehensive financial, clinical and patient information consolidated in a single, accessible location, dentists and staff alike can spend less time searching for patient information and more time providing quality care. You can also maximize schedule availability to reduce the impact of no-shows and cancellations while ensuring a consistent cash flow.

SoftDent is a robust, yet intuitive software solution that allows you to easily identify and manage patients who need to return for treatment while improving internal communications. Fully integrated eServices and reporting also increase your practice accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

Softdent Software

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Managing a busy office, while providing excellent care for my patients, and designing beautiful smiles for them can be a lot to juggle. I was looking to transition to a new cloud-based practice management solution that would grow with my practice, multi-tasks like my staff and I do and provide reporting that gives me the business insights I need to know.

Dr. Daniel Camacho

I see that this platform is really a GROWTH platform for patient care and patient sharing of their data with other providers, or with other family members!

Dr. Scotty Bolding