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Orthodontic Software

Practice Management Solutions designed for Orthodontists
A seamlessly integrated system with a comprehensive suite of orthodontic features to streamline your workflows, enabling more time for treatment and patient engagement.

innovative orthodontic practice software solutions designed by and for orthodontic professionals.

Practice Management

Orthodontic software takes your practice to the next level by bringing it into the digital age with powerful technological tools that transform patient care and back-office operations. Not only can you communicate more efficiently and effectively with patients, but you can also track and schedule appointments, compile patient images and data, manage billing information and automate administrative tasks. 

With an intuitive, user-focused design, orthodontic practices receive incredible business functionality and advanced multitasking capabilities, increasing productivity and practice efficiency for both orthodontists and their teams. The inherent scalability of these software solutions also ensures that the systems you rely on will grow as your practice does.

Orthodontic Software

Optimizing orthodontic workflows

Orthodontist workflows can be tedious, with much of their time spent on back-office administrative work rather than one-on-one time with the patient. Not only does this create inefficiencies that limit patient throughput, but it also reduces engagement, potentially leading to unsatisfied customers.

Orthodontic software optimizes these workflows from beginning to end, enabling doctors to spend more time treating patients without worrying about back-office operations. The basic process can be broken down into four main steps:

Orthodontic Software for Imaging

3D imaging for data analysis

3D imaging software captures a digital model of the patient’s mouth. This data is then analyzed to identify discrepancies in the teeth and present visually appealing treatment options to increase patient buy-in.

Orthodontic Software for treatment planning

Treatment planning

With a digital model in hand, orthodontists can utilize the advanced features of orthodontic imaging software to diagnose a patient’s oral health issues and create a treatment plan.

Orthodontic Software Programs

Fabricating aligners and other orthodontic appliances

After creating a treatment plan, doctors order the orthodontic appliances they'll need. Manufacturers then begin fabricating the parts required for patient treatment.

Orthodontist Software

Administering patient treatment

Finally, orthodontists carry out individual treatment plans for each patient. From beginning to end, this process requires a lot of back-office work. Orthodontic software can help you keep track of all of your administrative information and responsibilities and even provides automated tools to optimize your orthodontic workflow.

The benefits of digitizing your orthodontic workflow

Traditional orthodontic workflows are highly inefficient as staff have to manually process, locate and retrieve patient files. While initial digitalization strategies covered basic tasks, modern systems streamline and optimize your entire workflow from start to finish. Here are some of the significant benefits orthodontic practices enjoy when they digitize their workflows:

dental practice management software

Easy access to data and visualizations

With orthodontic software, accessing patient records is fast and convenient, and imaging software can quickly compile 3D models and photographs for better visualization. Not only does this increase efficiency for back-office operations, but it also enhances your patients’ experience. Visual aids provide patients with a better understanding of their treatment options and enable orthodontists to make more accurate diagnoses. 

Seamless data exchange with vendors

One of the key benefits of a digital workflow is that it streamlines processes like data exchange between orthodontic practices and their preferred vendor network. This enables faster fabrication times and can significantly boost overall efficiency, ultimately improving patient care while reducing costs and errors associated with manual processes.

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Improved operational efficiency

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a digital orthodontic workflow is the efficiency it provides. No longer do orthodontists have to spend countless hours managing administrative work. With a practice management system, you can streamline and automate tedious back-office tasks to save time and focus on providing optimal patient care. Patients and staff alike will be thankful for the swift start-to-finish times.

Orthodontic Practice management software solutions

Carestream Dental offers a suite of orthodontic software solutions that can streamline and optimize your entire workflow. From scheduling appointments and managing back-office operations to instantaneous imaging for improved patient visibility, our orthodontic software solutions are designed with orthodontists in mind. Eliminate manual processes and impression material, reduce wait times on data exchanges and enhance the patient experience with our robust selection of tools.

Sensei Cloud

Sensei Cloud is Carestream Dental’s all-in-one platform designed by orthodontists and general dentists to improve workflow efficiency in any office. The intuitive design and advanced multitasking capabilities make it easy to use without losing your place, while streamlined patient flows optimize schedule availability and simplify patient billing. With Sensei Cloud, orthodontists can maximize the business side of their practice without sacrificing patient care or treatment.

Sensei Cloud Oral Surgery Practice Management Software
OrthoTrac Orthodontist Software

OrthoTrac is a powerful practice management software designed by and for orthodontists. It helps you build and maintain a more productive practice with enhanced workflow visibility. Automated tools allow you to schedule and track appointments, record and organize patient information, manage bills and payment plans and much more. In addition, seamless integrations with Patient Solutions and other Carestream Dental products enable further efficiency and productivity for orthodontic practices.

Optimize your orthodontic workflow with Carestream Dental

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The ortho specific treatment planning capabilities paired with being able to track up 99 aligners per patient is a game changer to how I am able to treatment plan. There are no workarounds to make this software work for my office. It works for me, exactly the way I need it to.

Dr. Scotty Bolding